«Vagon-Energo» - wagon control system
for the Energeticheskaya station

We designed and developed the system that helps to calculate the cost of the wagon transportation according to the weight and distance. Be sure it will save a lot of time and money.

Before the creation the Vagon-Energo system
people used papers

And therefor it was a great waste of time and information.

After we put a lot of effort into solving this problem you may examine this:.

Our system increases the efficiency of the station workers

With this system you can monitor performance certain managers and
the entire station in any period of time

Be informed

Wagons come to the station and go through several stages before the departure.
The system allows you to monitor the status of the wagon at each stage.

It takes less then half a minute to add a new wagon.

Generate a report

We took into account the possibility to generate reports of user operations
for the specific period of time

The smart adding information system

We have extremely simplified the process of forming the list of wagons for the station operators
due to the convenient features and tooltips, which reduces the probability of error by 80%

The system is designed for any device
with Internet access

Customers review

Bozhneva Irina Vladimirovna

Supervisor of the "Energy" station

In November 2012 our company "Energoinvest" became the owner of the rail track and the "Energy" station in Sverdlovsk area of the new CHP

As we start to work we were surprised to find that the wagon movement register is conducted by hand. Initially we were in search for some ready-to-use software but we weren't satisfied by all represented products on the market. The options were either obsolete or not suited to the specific of our work.

Considered all costs, we decided to find the company that would develop the software for our needs. The company search was made on the tender. As a result of staying on the company "Wellsoft". The guys were young and shown great interest in the upcoming work.

During the process of developing a lot of new wishes appeared. The guys performed in the best way and met the deadline. Defined 6 months implementation in fact was done in 3 month.

I must admit that in efficient and economic terms we won because the registering process was simplified and the quality of our services was improved significantly. But the work on the program did not stop there. Automating the process gives the opportunity for further development and improvement of all technological processes of the station.

The opportunity to create personal profiles for users especially facilitated the work. It was nice to have positive feedback from our clients about this feature. The technical support of WellSoft has been working quickly and successfully.