The online store where you can buy or sell broken cars
and parts from dismantling

Projects task

To develop a simple and easy-to-remember website that matches the company's brand as a major regional company in the sale of spare parts, broken cars and other services. Also distinguish it from the competitors
Automate the process of selecting parts and forming an application
Increase lead and traffic generation as well as the trust of the target audience
Make the process of selecting parts and cars as simple as possible
Implement the unloading of parts from 1S database to the website


For easy navigation and displaying information we used the block structure website in the style of yellow-and-black elements of corporate identity.

We designed convenient clickable elements (buttons, inputs) which are both comfortable to use on PC or phone

The specific icons were designed for every service

Spare parts

Buy a car

Special machinery




Sell your car

The largest database of broken cars in Yekaterinburg

100% Guarantee and Legal


We implemented the unloading parts from the 1S database to the website. The search is using the full-text search system also called Sphinx.

As the result we developed the site that met all expectations and solved all problems

The company effectively distinguished from other competitors at the expense of neat design and high-quality software component. The selection process is implemented well. You can search right on the start page or more accurate in the catalog

The results of the promo:




24 368

April 2013

109 072

April 2013

14 133

April 2013

73 699

April 2014

486 680

April 2014

40 052

April 2014

105 377

April 2015

524 309

April 2015

58 357

April 2015

151 614

April 2016

816 824

April 2016

88 521

April 2016
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