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Vehicle fleet and freight transport managment system

A mobile app for drivers and dispatcher work automation

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Operational issues faced by a freight carrier
  • For traffic operators:
    A lack of real-time information regarding vehicle’s location, driver's condition and cargo status
    Hidden violations
    Speeding, job instructions and rules violations as the cargo is shipped remain undetected
    Lack of transparency
    Vehicles on the route cannot be monitored, especially outside Russia
  • For drivers
    Paper navigation
    Complicated route sheets and high cost of route-deviation
    There are a lot of control points that have to be duly taken care of, apart from the route itself
    Communication issues
    A lack of convenient communication tools with traffic operator, management, intermediaries and customers
Solution: Management system for vehicle fleet and freight transport

The system is a universal tool for organizing the route, executing orders, communicating dispatchers and drivers

Route management
  • Interactive route composition
  • Creation of waypoints on the map: weight checking, parking lots, cafes, etc.
  • Real-time vehicle position tracking
  • Vehicle status and event log
  • Control over vehicle speed and deviations from the route
  • Route navigation
  • Voice support
  • Displaying of waypoints
  • Notification of scheduled operations
  • Control of vehicle speed and deviations from the route
  • Full information about driver and vehicle
  • Chat capable of sending and receiving of photos
  • Sending of push messages
  • Notification of any violations and issues
  • Chat
  • All necessary phone numbers
  • SOS signal
  • Alarm messages to the management in case of incidents
Management system for vehicle fleet and freight transport
  • Satellite Systems:
    • STD59
    • Glonass
    • “Autograph”
  • External databases:
    • Traffic police fines
    • Gas station
    • Weather services
  • Internal databases:
    • ERP
    • CRM
Development process
Terms of development:
6 months
2 managers, 4 developers, 1 interface designer
Used technologies
Back-end: Entity Framework, Google Maps API, Yandex Maps API;
Mobile: Xamarin, Mapbox Map, Google Services API
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